Public Works

Department of Public Works
111 Rock Avenue
Green Brook, NJ 08812
Tel: (732) 968-1023
General Mailbox - extension 6602, messages are checked twice daily

Department Supervisor: David Paltjon​​


 To verify your zone, please call 732-968-1023 x6689

The DPW will make ONE PASS ONLY through each zone, beginning on the dates noted below.  If you put your debris out after DPW has been through the zone, you will be responsible for its removal.





South of Route 22

        October 2

October 16

November 13

Side of the Mountain

        October 9

October 30

November 20

Top of the Mountain

        October 16

November 6

December 4

Guidelines for Branches
Limbs up to 6” in diameter-left whole
Small branches-bundle with brush 
Sticker bushes in a separate pile
Do not mix leaves with the branches & brush
Keep debris away from fire hydrants
Place branches curbside, not in the street 

Guidelines for Leaves
Pile leaves curbside for pick-up by the leaf vacuum – Do not place in street
Place bagged leaves curbside – Do not place in street
Bags available from local hardware store or from Town Hall, Monday-Friday 8:30 - 4:00, while supplies last (limit of 10 per household)
ONLY leaves (no other yard debris or garbage)

The program is for routine maintenance, not for lot clearing.  Excessive piles will not be collected.  Leaves may be bagged or raked to the curb line, but may not be placed in the street.  Grass clippings are not collected.  Branches should be stacked for easy chipping, all facing one direction.  Stickers should be stacked separately. The Township does NOT collect root balls or stumps of any kind. 

Bagging leaves has several benefits to both the residents and the Township:

  • Leaves in bags will not blow around during windy periods, therefore residents would not need to re-rake.
  • Bagging leaves keeps the leaves out of the gutter/street, making the stormwater run-off more effective and making the streets more passable.
  • Bagged leaves can be collected in any weather, unlike the leaf vacuum which only works on dry leaf piles. 

        Our hope is that residents will try this method, making leaf collection go more smoothly for all.

DO NOT place the leaves in the gutter.  If there are no curbs, rake the leaves to the end of the grass. 

DO NOT include any branches, grass clippings, cans, bottles, or debris in the leaf piles.  Foreign materials can cause  damage to the equipment and injury to personnel.  Leaves with twigs, branches, or other debris will not be collected and the homeowner will be responsible for disposal. 

DO NOT place leaves within 10’ of any storm drain or fire hydrant.

DO NOT park vehicles over leaf piles.  This not only makes it impossible to pick up the leaves, it is a significant fire hazard.

DO NOT place leaves curbside until one week before scheduled pickup.  Leaves put out on or after your collection date will not be collected.  If leaves are not collected, a tag will be left for the homeowner with the reason.


Alexandria Court
Bayview Terrace
Bradley Court
Cain Circle
Cedar Ridge Road
Charles Lane
Colonial Drive
Deer Path
Deer Path Circle
Deer Run
Dogwood Lane
Driftway (off of Warrenville)
Driftway (off of Interhaven)
Fairway Drive
Fifth Street
Fourth Street
Green Valley Drive
Greenbrier Road
Hauser Lane
Hearthstone Lane
Hickory Lane
Hidden Hollow Court
Horizon Way
Interhaven Avenue
Jason Road
Juniper Way
Kappelmann Drive
Merriwood Lane
Morning Glory Road
Noble Lane
Oak Lane
Pheasant Run
Ridge Road (east of Warren Ave)
Rock Road East
Rock Road West
Scheurmann Terrace
Second Street
Seventh Street
Sixth Street
Spruce Hollow Road
Swanson Lane
Third Street
Top Avenue
Top of the World Way
Warren Avenue
Washington Drive
Wichser Lane
Wimpole Way
Windy Hill Road 

Alison Court
Andrew Street (north of Rt. 22)
Beechwood Terrace
Blue Ridge Avenue
Brandywine Rise
Brown Place
Cardinal Lane
Cramer Avenue (north of Rt. 22)
Forest Lane
Jefferson Avenue (north of Rt. 22)
King Court
King George Road
Linda Lane
Long View Drive
Lowande Avenue
Lund Lane
Mountain Parkway (north of Rt. 22)
Ravine Road
Red Bud Lane
Remrose Ledge
Sherwood Lane
Tallwood Lane
Tanglewood Lane
Thomas Court
Vitale Trail
Warrenville Road (north of Rt. 22)
Washington Avenue (north of Rt. 22)
West End Avenue
Wingate Way

Abby Lane 
Andrew Street (south of Rt. 22) 
Biltmore Drive 
Blue Hill Terrace 
Briar Circle 
Brook Street 
Cramer Avenue (south of Rt. 22) 
Douglas Road 
Edgar Avenue 
Edgewood Avenue 
Estel Place 
Fitzrandolph Street 
Glenn Avenue 
Gold Street 
Greenbrook Road 
Greenway Lane 
Heritage Drive 
Highland Street 
Hyman Avenue 
Inglee Street 
Jefferson Avenue (south of Rt. 22) 
Kafka Drive 
Kelly Court 
Lenox Avenue 
Lillian Street 
Madison Avenue 
Margaret Street 
Maxall Street 
Methven Avenue 
Mountain Parkway (south of Rt. 22) 
Murray Court 
Park Avenue 
Phillips Place
Pine Street
Plantation Avenue
Renda Place
Rock Avenue (south of Rt. 22)
Rudyrose Lane
School Street
Sweeney Court
Tuttle Street
Vail Street
Warner Avenue
Warrenville Road (south of Rt. 22)
Webster Avenue
Whispering Hollow Lane
Wickett Avenue
Woodcrest Lane
Woodlawn Avenue