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Cultural, Heritage and Historic Preservation Committee

  • The Cultural, Heritage, and Historic Preservation Committee (CHHP) works with the Green Brook Historical Society to preserve the history, architecture and heritage of the township for future generations. The members gather historical documents, photographs, and artifacts; preserve, record, and archive historical records; and educate residents about the rich history of the township through publications, displays, and other forms of communication. The committee encourages participation in this effort from educational institutions, community groups, and other interested individuals.


  • CHHP consists of nine volunteers and one member from the Township Committee. CHHP meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm, in the first floor conference room in Town Hall at 111 Greenbrook Rd, Green Brook, NJ 08812.


Contact Information

James Benscoter, Township Committee Liaison
Tel: (732) 271-7772
Email: jbenscoter@greenbrooktwp.org
Website: Green Brook Historical Society website